Witty Trade

From part-time manual work in Excel to a comprehensive automated BI solution with Revolt BI

Witty Trade is a major electronics distributor with a turnover in the billions of crowns. It supplies its stock of many brands - Xiaomi, Amazfit, Cubot, and others - to practically all the electronics retailers in the countr, while also operating its own eshop.

Problem and assignment

In the consumer electronics segment, it is crucial to provide ibusiness partners with perfect service and delivery reliability. Companies such as Alza, OK, Vodafone or Globus will not tolerate any disruptions with deliveries, but at the same time you cannot afford to buy more stock than you can quickly ship, since unsold stock makes your goods more expensive and your firm uncompetitive.

In order to estimate future demands and order goods accordingly, Witty Trade works with sales reports that their partners send them regularly by email.

These reports vary by each partner, most of which are handled automatically, while a smaller number of partners create them manually, usually in email attachments, typically as XLS, CSV or PDF.

Reports from vendors contain basically 3 important pieces of data:

  • item id
  • number of units sold
  • number of remaining items in stock

Witty Trade used to manually process these reports and create a complete report of all products, from which we could determine the turnover of each product and make a limited estimate of how much to reorder.

The creation of these reports was subject to errors and quite laborious due to the different data formats and labels (e.g., using an internal vendor ID instead of a product ID). In practice, this activity took up half the time of a dedicated staff member.

Worse, the report was updated only once per week, even where continuous data was available, and only 1 type of report was generated with an overall view, even though Witty Trade has several product lines with their own managers who primarily just need to see their own product movements and customer behavior.


To solve all of these issues, Witty Trade turned to Revolt BI. We took a holistic approach and created an entirely new system with a multitude of benefits:

  • Automatic retrieval of source reports from vendors' mailboxes, processing all data, then correcting and cleaning it.
  • Creation of a control system that highlights possible errors (e.g. monitoring the expected range of values for inventory or sales)
  • Predicting future sale, employing machine learning features to improve the quality of the prediction
  • Creating the necessary reports
  • All functions fully automated without the need for human intervention, with updates every 30 minutes.
  • All dials and other source data stored with the client so they can manage it all themselves


From the data we collected, we were able to prepare many useful Tableau reports that help Witty Trade achieve better business results and higher satisfaction with their customers.

  • Sell in (sales to partner) and Sell out (sales to end customer) reports - including selling prices from the internal system.
  • Stock report, residual stock and "lagger" alerts
  • Reports for individual product/account managers with forecast of future sales and an overview of optimal stock levels and optimal next order amount showing stock levels at partners and calculations whether enough time to order new goods due to lead times.
  • Additional Tableau reports where the client can track data across partners, products, different time periods, flags (product lifecycle) and metrics (unit sales, inventory, turnover, recommended order amount)
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