Serge Gershkovich: Author of the book Data Modeling with Snowflake

Serge Gershkovich is the Product Success Lead at SqlDBM and the author of the bestselling book Data Modeling with Snowflake. He will be a guest of Revolt BI at the Datapunkers meeting, taking place on November 13.

Revolt BI
28. října 2023

He is a business-minded data professional whose career includes data modeling, architecture, and visualization. Serge’s data career began on SAP BW/HANA and later evolved to Snowflake, where he is recognized as a Data Superhero.

Data Modeling with Snowflake

With the subtitle “A practical guide to accelerating Snowflake development using universal data modeling techniques”, Serge’s book describes how an efficient and trusted database design hinges on a foundation of data modeling.

In modern cloud data platforms (e.g., Snowflake), efficiency is no longer measured in seconds but in dollars. Using practical examples incorporating facets of Snowflake’s unique architecture (i.e., streams, warehouse cache, time travel), readers will learn to evolve a reliable data model by working with the business and tying physical designs to operational underpinnings. This book offers the practical foundations of data modeling with Snowflake.

Serge in Prague at the invitation of Revolt BI!

Serge Gershkovich will be a guest of Revolt BI at the Datapunkers meeting, which will take place on November 13 at 18:00 at the Kino Přítomnost in Prague. At this event titled “Fathers of modern data warehouse,” he will appear alongside Bill Inmon and Francesco Puppini. 

You can purchase tickets here.

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