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Learn how to create insightful and compelling visualization from your data, fast, under the professional guidance

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With Tableau you will have your data under control.

Tableau includes several products according to the different needs of its users. From an online version to a desktop application to a server-based solution and a tool for linking and orchestrating data, clarity, speed, security and reliability are always the main benefits.

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Training packages overview

Tableau User in a day

Build your first dashboard
and transform your data into interactive visualizations.

Tableau Prep Master

Learn to use Tableau Prep to clean up data for visualizations (best for users without access to a database)

Tableau Advanced

Expand your data analysis skills and create complex dashboards in Tableau.

Data Champions Academy

Analytical excellence in your company. A year-long course for industry leaders.


Standard packages

Tableau User in a day

The course is intended primarily for users with no previous experience in Tableau. Everything is conducted interactively so that the participant builds visualizations from the first lesson.

Graduates of the course are able to use Tableau to process and visualize data on a regular basis. Ideal as preparation for the basic Tableau Certification. Recommended for Analysts of all levels with no Tableau experience, Managers, Marketing Managers and Sales.

Scope of the training:

Participants will be introduced to all the basic concepts of Tableau, learn how to upload data and build basic types of charts and visualizations.

Data preparation concepts such as joining or calculated columns will be discussed. The participant will also be able to try creating dashboards based on their own data.

The course also covers “best practices” in data visualization and the basics of the Tableau Cloud environment for sharing created analyses with other users.

*The course participant does not need to have any knowledge of IT, databases or other systems.


Duration: 8 hours Price: 30 000 CZK
Suitable for 3 to 10 participants.

Tableau Prep Master

For analysts who need to cleanse data before visualizing, either because you don’t have a database or you can’t access it, for editing. Build a flow and you can run it repeatedly. Connection to Excel.

Scope of the training:

The Tableau Beginner Complete course is suitable for all novice users who will be able to work fully with Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Cloud, analyze their data or prepare their own reports and visualizations.
The training focuses in detail on Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, but there is also a demonstration of publishing data sources and dashboards online, user management. The course is designed to help the graduate understand and apply the most important concepts and basic techniques in Tableau from the simple to the more complex, which can be applied to creating interactive dashboards.


Duration: 8 hours Price: 35 000 CZK
Suitable for 3 to 10 participants.

Tableau Advanced

The course is designed for analysts and users who are actively working with Tableau and would like to expand their skills. As well as for analysts who want to get the official advanced Tableau certification. Recommended for Senior/Medium Analyst, BI Manager, IT Administrators.

Scope of the training:

We will start by reviewing the column calculations, followed by the tabular and LOD calculations.
Next, more advanced types of data preparation such as blending, relations or join calculations as well as more advanced methods of data visualization such as animations or maps.
We will show examples of advanced analyses from the real world (Pareto analysis, Cohort analysis and retention), alongside which we will discuss many other tips and tricks you can use to improve your current visual analytics.


Duration: 8 hours Price: 40 000 CZK
Suitable for 3 to 10 participants.

Special tailored programme

Data Champions Academy (DCA)

Data Champions Academy opens the door to analytical excellence in your company.

Introducing the Data Champions Academy (DCA), an year-long training program focused on developing and supporting analytics talent in your organization. Our goal is to enable easy adoption and effective use of the Tableau self-service analytics platform across the enterprise. 

With DCA, your employees will become data champions and key stakeholders in increasing the overall analytical maturity of your organization.

  • Personalized training and a structured approach to develop analytical talent in your organization.
  • Intensive 2-hour, bi-weekly training sessions designed to develop participants’ practical skills.
  • Implementation of individual projects with real impact to support the validation of new knowledge in practice.
  • Opportunity to present projects and receive a certificate at the end of the program in recognition of achievement and expertise.
  • We reach out to “Data Enthusiasts” and managers looking to optimize the use of analytics tools.
  • Increase data efficiency, optimize the report production process and reduce BI and support costs.
  • Investment in the future to develop analytical excellence in your organization.


“I was very satisfied with the training, I found the pace easy and the instructors were friendly – almost everything could be understood immediately. My only criticism might have been the occasional “terms”that not everyone may have understood on the first try. If it were possible, I would attend another one covering more details.”

Commercial Analyst – foodora, about the “Tableau User in a Day” course
For me, the training definitely made sense and I liked it, especially the second part when they taught us how to build our own dashboard. I was very pleased with the tips, for example the ability to save your view instead of the default view was a great hack that definitely saves time. 
For how long it was, it didn’t feel like a lengthy lecture, but instead felt like it flowed nicely. I would definitely like to attend another training session 🙂 “

HR business Partner, about the “Tableau User in a Day” course
Great for me. The concrete work and the tweaks were the best. I would definitely recommend anyone to come in person. I’ve been online as well, and if I’m going to compare, the efficiency definitely increases when you attend in person.

Campaign Manager, about the “Tableau User in a Day” course

Your tutors

Stanislav Koukal

Partner & Senior Tableau Consultant

Stanislav, Partner at Revolt BI, works as a project manager in the automotive and e-commerce sector. After 7 years in various marketing and analytics roles, ranging from performance marketing specialist to marketing director, he dove into the world of start-ups to test his entrepreneurial skills. 

Zbyšek Samiec

Certified Tableau Consultant & Co-organizer Prague Tableau User Group

Zbyšek’s main focus is on data analysis and visualization. No matter how complex your project is, Zbyšek has a very deep knowledge of Tableau and it’s hard to imagine a dashboard he couldn’t build. He is one of the few certified Tableau consultants in our region.

Zbyšek also holds regular Tableau visualization training sessions, makes videos with tips and best practices for data analysts, and regularly shares his knowledge at data events.


Marek Kovařík

Solution Architect & Certified Tableau Consultant

Marek works as a Solution Architect. Previously, he worked as a BI analyst for Mall Group, Hello bank! and O2, where he specialized in data visualization using Tableau, Tableau Server administration, data analysis and training of the wider user base. At Mall Group he played a key role in the rollout of Tableau to over 250 users, designing Data Governance and leading the internal Data Champions Academy project.

Mark’s other major project was the design and implementation of a Tableau self-service environment for the BTL group, including defining dashboard design guidelines and training users in best practices.

Radoslav Zaťovič

Rado has a solid background in financial controlling, with experience in major companies such as Foxconn, Siemens, Continental and ČEZ, a.s. His expertise and strong passion for data have led him to excellent skills in data visualization.

Over the past few years, Rado has built a remarkable portfolio of data visualizations for which he has won awards, such as being featured in Tableau’s weekly best visualizations selection. His specialty lies in transforming complex data into clear and understandable visual stories, making him a valuable asset to any data-driven project and strategic business decision-making.

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