Tableau Server

With Tableau Server, the people in your organization get access to exactly the data they need to make effective decisions at that moment.

Your data clearly and securely on your own servers - on-premise or in the cloud

You no longer have to choose between information and security. Don't limit your people with a bunch of predefined answers and visualization types, let them use all the data they need to access according to their needs.

Our customers love Tableau Server for its easy implementation, unlimited scalability, and high security, reliability, and speed.

Download Tableau Server for free and experience all its features fully for 14 days. We will be happy to help you with its implementation, contact us.

tableau server
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Revolt BI is an authorised partner of
Tableau for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our services include:

  • free and paid workshops
  • lectures and conferences
  • helping companies with Tableau integration, connecting resources, and creating dashboards
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