Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep allows you to set up, combine, and clean data from different sources in an easy and obvious way, as well as define regular tasks and monitor their execution.

Link, combine, and clean your data in a few clicks

Tableau Prep is changing the way data processing is commonly done in companies. It offers a visually intuitive and direct way to connect data from different sources to the desired output - combine, cleanse, and shape to your needs. Tableau Prep makes it easier and quicker for analysts and business users to finish organizing and start analyzing.

Tableau Prep includes two products - Tableau Prep Builder for creating data flows and Tableau Prep Conductor for planning, monitoring, and managing flows across the organization.

Download Tableau Prep for free and experience all its features fully for 14 days. We are happy to help you with your implementation - contact us.

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Revolt BI is an authorised partner of
Tableau for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our services include:

  • free and paid workshops
  • lectures and conferences
  • helping companies with Tableau integration, connecting resources, and creating dashboards
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