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A neat, quick and impressive visualisation of your data, so you always know what action to take next.

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Why Tableau from Revolt BI

Tableau is the most advanced and widely used Business Intelligence tool that enables easy processing and fast, clear visualization of your entire company’s data.

With Tableau, you’ll always be in control of your data. We offer a range of products and services that are tailored to your needs – from online licenses to desktop applications and server solutions.  Implementation of tools to connect and orchestrate your data.

The key benefits are clarity, speed, security and reliability.

As the official Tableau partner for the CEE region, we help you choose the right licenses, Tableau adoption strategy and customized training.

Paperwork is up to us

We handle the administration for you. Our professional teams take care of all the formalities so you can focus on what’s most important to your work.

Team of certified professionals

Together we provide you with a team of people who not only understand Tableau, but who will help you get the most out of the Tableau platform.

Focus on the business benefit

We will recommend the ideal license composition for your specific need. Revolt BI team includes Tableau consultants and visualizers to help you present your data in a way that solves pressing problems and helps you drive more profit.

Full Service & Adoption

We offer services ranging from Tableau adoption to training and user support. Our goal is not just to resell Tableau, but to proactively help you develop the capabilities that will enable your business to use data more effectively and increase your business competitiveness. 

License overview

Tableau Viewer

Tableau Viewer is designed for users who need to access and interact with dashboards to perform their work, but prefer to take content from others (Creators and Explorers). 

Viewers are often business users and managers who make decisions based on information from dashboards, but do not create dashboards themselves.

What includes Viewer license?

Tableau Pulse and 1x Viewer licence for Tableau Cloud.


per user/month

billed annually*

Tableau Explorer

An Explorer-licensed user has the ability to share responsibility for creating new content with Creators users. They can either start with an existing workbook or create one from scratch. However, unlike Creator users, Explorer users are restricted from creating new data sources and database connections.

What includes Explorer license?

Tableau Pulse and 1x Explorer licence for Tableau Cloud.


per user/month

billed annually*

Tableau  Creator

Every dashboard creation requires at least one Creator.

Creator is for active users who specialize in creating dashboards, whether on Tableau Cloud or on Server. This is also the only user that can create connections to data sources.

What includes Creator license?

1x Tableau Desktop, 1x Tableau Prep Builder, 1x Tableau Pulse and 1x Tableau Cloud.


per user/month

billed annually*

*prices are according to the official Tableau price list from as of 10.06.2024

We’ll recommend the ideal license layout for your needs and team.
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