Tableau Einstein Discovery

Genius observations, predictions & recommendations suitable for anyone - from data scientists to everyday users in the company - without the need to be an expert (nor a genius)

What is Einstein Discovery?

With machine learning (ML), Einstein Discovery provides predictions and recommendations within Tableau workflows for smarter decision making. Data scientists, analysts and business users can build powerful predictive models without having to write algorithms. Einstein Discovery, developed by Salesforce, offers an intuitive, no-coding environment that enables anyone to make decisions quickly and confidently, driven by ethical and transparent AI in Tableau.

tableau einstein discovery

Improve results with simple and intuitive predictive models

With Einstein Discovery, you can build trusted predictive ML models - without writing a single line of code. Reduce your reliance on teams of data scientists with an intuitive guide to the model building and monitoring process, and quickly move from data to insights, making every decision smart and data-driven.

tableau einstein discovery

Get answers instantly - when and where you need them

Don't just look at past results: put your own predictions at any touch point where people are viewing or using Tableau. Einstein Discovery insights are integrated into the Tableau workflow so you don't have to interrupt your analysis.

tableau einstein discovery

See how Einstein Discovery helps you bring the future into today's decisions.

Enable people to use trusted and transparent AI

Einstein Discovery is designed with all the ethical principles of modern artificial intelligence in mind. With a range of built-in anti-bias and transparency features, you can check the criteria used in Einstein's predictions and recommendations to be confident in your decisions and trust that you are using AI responsibly, accurately and ethically.

tableau einstein discovery
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