Tell stories with the help of data. 

A clear, fast and impressive visualization of your data – so that you always know what to do.

Tableau helps people to see and understand data. A visualization platform that is changing the way people use data to solve problems, Tableau makes it possible for not only IT professionals, but also managers and executive teams, to work with data.

Our services

Give Tableau a Try

This product is intended for those who want to try out analytics with Tableau.

The package contains: 

  • 1 licence,
  • 1 day of training in Tableau, in which you learn about the basics of using the tool
  • 4 hours of follow-up consultation, in which a Tableau specialist helps you with specific problems and answers your questions.

Analytics Start-Up

This product is intended for organizations that want to start implementing an analytics initiative.

The package contains: 

  • 1 basic set of licences,
  • 1 day of training in Tableau Basics, in which you learn about the basics of using the tool
  • 1 Mini version of the Analytická strategie programme, which takes you through the key decisions necessary for launching analytics in your company.

Analytical Strategy

This product is intended for organizations that are planning a data initiative as part of a digital transformation.

In this programme our experts perform a comprehensive investigation of the current situation and identify key areas for the introduction of analytics:

  • how to set up the organizational structure, 
  • use cases that will most help you to progress, 
  • which kind of training to prepare 
  • how to communicate changes

Tableau Guru

The Tableau Guru service is intended for organizations in which Tableau is mainly used by business users for whom the creation of dashboards is not the main task. In the case of so-called “snags”, they will have at their disposal a specialist who will help them to solve their problem and progress.

Strong connection between Revolt BI and Tableau

Revolt BI and Tableau create synergy in the processing and subsequent presentation of data. We help you get data into a single location and store it in a structured data warehouse. The Revolt BI includes certified Tableau consultants and visual specialists who will help you present your data in such a way that it solves your most urgent problems and helps you to achieve increased profits.

See how Tableau visuals can help you in your day-to-day decision-making

Our services includes:

Tableau Trial

Analytics kick-off

Analytical strategy

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