Clear, fast, and impressive: visualisation of your data so you always know what to do, where to go

Tableau is the most advanced and widely used Business Intelligence analytics tool, supporting easy processing and fast & clear visualization of your entire company's data.

Thousands of companies around the planet have adopted Tableau for its intuitive controls and advanced charting capabilities. With Tableau, you'll be in control of your data. Get started with Tableau today and download Tableau Desktop for free.

Tableau includes several products and services to suit the different needs of its users. From an online version, a desktop application, a server-based solution to a tool to connect and orchestrate data. Clarity, speed, security and reliability are always the main benefits.

Choose your Tableau Bundle

Try Tableau

Offering for users interested in testing Tableau for themselves.

In this bundle you will find 1 license, 1-day training focused on Tableau basics and 4 hours of follow-up consultations that will help you to deliver your first professional-looking dashboard.

  • 1x licence Tableau Creator for a year (customisable)
  • 1 day workshop Tableau Basics (max 10 people)
  • 4 hours of consultation scheduled within 2 months from the installation
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Analytics kick-start

For organisations ready to start their analytics initiatives.

This package includes a basic set of licenses, 1-day training focused on Tableau Basics and program “Analytics Strategy Mini” that will guide you through key decisions necessary for successful rollout of analytics.

  • Tableau Lincences of choice (yearly subscription)
  • 1 day workshop Tableau Basics (max 10 people)
  • Analytic Strategy Mini
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Analytics Strategy

For organisations ready to embrace digital transformation.

In this program, “Analytics Strategy”, our experts will map key areas of your company and propose a tailored plan to begin transformation toward data-driven organisation.
The outcome will identify changes needed in the org chart, most relevant analytics use-cases, how many people should have access to data, how should they be governed, which trainings will be needed and how should all of this be communicated.

Tableau licenses are not included, as amount needed will be one of the outcomes of this program.

  • Analytic Strategy
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Tableau Guru

Tableau Guru is a service for organisations where Tableau is used primarily by business users with many other responsibilities. Whenever there is a challenging task or issue you can not solve on their own, you can reach out to our Tableau Experts for consultation.

Also included is 1 day workshop, “Tableau day”, focused on sharing news from the Tableau world, providing you with opportunity to review and consult existing dashboards with our Tableau Experts.

  • Tableau Lincences of choice (yearly subscription)
  • 4 hours per month of Tableau Guru + SLA (yearly subscription)
  • 1 day workshop “Tableau Day” (max 8 users)
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