Fast, secure and inexpensive processing of your data with modern tools.

Snowflake is a Cloud platform built on a multi-cluster architecture. It is used for reliable storage and advanced data processing. It offers tremendous flexibility, almost unlimited scalability and easy management – all while maintaining high performance and a low price. 

Revolt BI is a Snowflake partner for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

6 reasons to want Snowflake

Elastic scalability 

Adjusting the capacity of a data warehouse according to the volume of data, and computing power according to the amount of processing requirements, ensures the fast recording and processing of any volume of data.

Consumption-based payment

All you pay for is the actual storage and computing power you use, which you set according to your needs.

Unified data warehouse

Unifying different data sources and creating a single central repository for your data makes it easy to manage them. Both structured and unstructured data can be processed in various formats.

Security and management

Snowflake provides robust protection for your data. It has integrated tools for access control and the encryption of data, including audit records.

Unlimited sharing

It’s easy for you to share data across your organisation and with your clients, even if they don’t use Snowflake.

Integration with other tools

High compatibility with various tools and technologies (ETL, visualisation, programming languages and application development frameworks).

Strength of Snowflake + dbt + Revolt

The combination of Snowflake and a dbt Core exploits the full potential of these two technologies for building modern enterprise data warehouses. Our experienced Revolt BI team will supply you with a data warehouse tailored to your needs, from identifying use cases and designing the architecture, through implementing and ensuring data credibility, to calibrating processes according to best practice, and supporting your team. In addition to simplifying the data model, optimising calculations and easy cooperation on development, we can implement, for example, specialised Jinja macros, automated tests to increase data quality, or pipeline monitoring.

Our services include:

Consultation, training, workshops

Help with Snowflake integration, data governance and report connectivity

Implementation of a modern data warehouse or migration of an existing one to Snowflake