Keboola Connection

Keep all your data together and automatically processed according to your needs.

Keboola Connection is the best End-to-end Data Management Platform as a Service, increasing quality and shortening data analysis periods. This End-to-end ETL tool for the automation of processes saves you time and money while allowing data engineers and analysts to work together as a team. Keboola Connection handles everything, from the extraction, transformation and administration of data and the orchestration of data that flows up to reverse ETL.

4 reasons to choose Keboola

Pre-prepared components

Pre-prepared components mean that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. These components are created to streamline common data integration, transformation, and processing tasks

Keboola adapts to your workflow

Whether you use Snowflake, Big Query, MS SQL Server, or another data source or destination – Keboola adapts! And in case Keboola doesn’t have the component you need, you can programme it in yourself.

Basic version free of charge

To try it out, you can use Keboola’s funded time under the PayG model, where you have limited runtime for extractions, transformations and writers for free. . However, the standard implementation isn’t free of charge, which you have to bear in mind.

Smooth Orchestration

Plan the automatic and recurring execution of data pipelines. Configured components can be easily organized into logical building blocks or complete data channels.

Connection between Keboola and Revolt BI

Keboola is an End-to-end Data Management Platform as a Service. From the extraction of data from multiple sources and data transformations, up to the storage of data in a data warehouse and subsequent preparation of the reporting layer for any visualisation tool. Revolt BI provides a fully functional data environment within the Keboola tool, which is easily scalable and customised to your needs.

Revolt BI is an official Premium partner of Keboola Connection.

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