Real-time statistics at any scale.

Any database, any Cloud, any device.

The GoodData platform is a comprehensive, Cloud-based analytical tool. Its greatest strength is its built-in analytical function, which allows you to insert interactive charts, reports and dashboards into your own product or web interface, monetising your data.

GoodData is sought after for cutting-edge technologies in embedded analytics, and their solutions are widely used by large companies around the world, including leading SAAS platforms, financial institutions such as VISA, and retail players such as Zalando.
You can see the Zalando case study here.

Trial version free of charge

Dashboard gallery

GoodData Cloud Platform licence


Number of users: Unlimited

Self-service reports and dashboards for analysts and end users

  • Semantic layer with reusable and contextual metrics
  • Flexible options for inserting and customising the user interface to fit your product
  • Declarative metadata, React and Python SDK for rapid development
  • Multitenancy and hierarchies for scalable customer data products
  • Hosted and managed on AWS, hosted along with your data


Number of users: Unlimited

All the features of the Professional package plus:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support for data lakehouse engines
  • 99.5% guaranteed SLA availability
  • Additional compliance standards (HIPAA)
  • AWS PrivateLink and VPC peering support

Implementation packages


For customers who need advice on how to use GoodData and can be self-service because they understand the world of analytics.

Customers have their own data warehouse and resources to create analytical solutions.


  • Onboarding
  • Training


For customers who need help creating analytics and will be responsible and own part of the data integration.

Customers have a data warehouse and need our expertise in building analytics solutions.


  • Onboarding
  • Training 
  • Data modelling
  • Analytics
  • Data integration