As a dbt Labs partner, we are highly specialised in data analytics services and related infrastructure.

Revolt BI became a partner of dbt Labs for the Czech and Slovak Republics. 

4 reasons to choose dbt:

A single reliable source of true data for tests and documentation.

Both general and specialised tests can be set for each model before deployment. The automatic generation of documentation in a single source of true data guarantees that it is up to date and available to all interested parties.

Easy and efficient development thanks to references and packages.

Replace standard DDL/DML with simple SELECT commands in SQL to create tables, dependencies, views, and run models in sequence. Packages are also available to speed up analysis. References mean that individual models can be reused as desired.

Clear versioning and CI/CD.

A separate development environment ensures safe deployment. Git-enabled version control allows seamless collaboration on development and a return to the previous state across teams and their members. 

Access to data – wherever you are

No matter where your data is stored, with dbt you can connect to it directly and immediately transform and analyse it. For advanced development, you can use pre-prepared packages or write your own dbt macros.

Strength of the connection between Snowflake, dbt and Revolt BI

The combination of Snowflake and a dbt Core exploits the full potential of these two technologies for building modern enterprise data warehouses. The experienced Revolt BI team will supply you with a tailor-made data warehouse. From identification of use cases and architecture design, through implementation and ensuring data credibility, to setting processes according to best practice.  At the same time, it will provide support for your team and guarantee the desired result. 

In addition to simplifying the data model, optimising calculations and easy cooperation on development, we can implement, for example, dbt macros, automated tests to increase data quality, or pipeline monitoring. 

Our services include:

Consultation, training and workshops

Assistance for companies with the integration of dbt

Building a modern data warehouse or migrating an existing one

How we moved the data warehouse of an international technology company into the 21st century

As part of the annual project, a modern data warehouse was built on architecture combining dbt and Snowflake and data from the old warehouse in Postgres was migrated. In addition to simplifying the data model, optimizing calculations, expanding documentation and providing support, the twelve-member Revolt BI team implemented a specialised historisation macro, automated tests to increase data quality, pipeline monitoring, designed a data sharing strategy, and participated in the creation of reporting in Power BI.

The main benefits that the company gained from the project:

  • Reduction in time and money required for data warehouse management 
  • Greater comprehensibility of data, pipeline and business use of times + easier onboarding 
  • Improved data quality and greater confidence in data and reports, reduction in the number of errors and limiting of their impact (warnings, errors; when an error occurs, the report still shows the day-old data) 
  • Better scalability of data volume, acceleration of ad hoc querying thanks to the separation of storage and computing power (Snowflake)