3 areas of Data Science

The most common tasks we solve with Apify

Market research

With Apify, you can easily get an overview of the market from publicly available data on the web. For example, you can monitor accommodation portals, check newly offered capacities, their locations and prices. You can follow social media posts from influencers relevant to you and search for mentions of you and your competitors. And much more

Robotic process automation (RPA)

With Apify, increase your profits, work speed and employee morale by stopping boring repetitive activities. You can automatically detect changes, fill out forms, publish information to multiple targets at once, automatically process invoices and payments, aggregate content from multiple sites, and so much more.

Checking and comparing prices

Keep track of your competitors, their prices and availability with Apify and react immediately to changes. You will easily increase your profit if you are able to match your competitors' prices promptly and not offer unnecessarily cheap products when your competitors do not have them in stock or offer them at a higher price.

Lead Generation (Lead Gen)

With Apify, you can easily find your leads and get the data you need on them in bulk. You can browse websites automatically and get contact information, or get it in bulk from various online catalogs and databases. Or, for example, you can browse social networks and search for mentions of specific situations that you can use for business.

Your own product or service

Create new products and services by aggregating, linking, analyzing, and massaging online data with Apify. Do you want to make a list of the best Italian restaurants in Prague? A map of golf resorts in Europe? A list of Apple products with a link to the cheapest retailer that stocks them? The only limit is your imagination.

Creating datasets for Machine learning

With Apify, you can easily create massive datasets to train your AI models using real data from online sources. Want to recognize sentiment and categorize your product reviews? Learn your neural network on millions of existing reviews. Need to teach your image recognition system to recognize individual cars, for example? Download photos of millions of cars with their caption and description.

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