Tableau Pulse is here! How to get it?

One of the most anticipated news of this year – Tableau Pulse is here! What will it bring and how to get it? Find out in this article.

Bára Kalačová
25. January 2024

Tableau Pulse, powered by Tableau‘s artificial intelligence, automatically detects trends, contributors, and outliers in the metrics you track. It proactively flags changes that are important to you. Using natural language and supporting visualizations, it summarizes insights so you can make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

Tableau Pulse gives you the ability to “talk” to your data without having to spend hours doing complex calculations. It opens the door not only for technical users, but also for business users.

Zbyšek Samiec, Certified Tableau Consultant, Revolt BI

What does Tableau Pulse do?

Understand the evolution of key metrics and respond to changes quickly

How does it work? Tableau Pulse automatically tracks the metrics that are important to your business. If it detects an anomaly, it creates and describes the insight, and alerts you what to pay attention to.

Tableau Pulse ukázka metriky

When the observation is clicked, on the detail page, Tableau Pulse describes the anomaly and visually displays the evolution of the metric. Next to the metric, in the metadata section, you can check the source tables to get a closer understanding of how the metric is created.

Below the metric, Tableau Pulse automatically generates the most likely queries that are related to the metric and can explain the metric anomaly. Once a query is selected, Pulse generates a “natural language” answer with an explanation and additional visualization.

If you have your own question, you can simply type it in the top window. Tableau Pulse will auto-complete the expected question. And it will create another metric with a visualization.

Without having to learn a new tool or create complex visualizations, Tableau Pulse helps you understand what’s behind your data.

Integration with Slack or Gmail

Open the Slack app in the morning and you can see a daily overview of the metrics you care about most and track frequently. Pulse will highlight and describe in human language those where it has noticed suspicious changes. It will even assess whether the changes are more positive or negative for your business. Similarly, you can easily send daily reports via email.

Tableau Pulse ukázka integrace se Slackem

Metrics Layer

The Metrics Layer allows your organization to standardize the definition of metrics or your key KPIs. Tableau Pulse ensures that there is only one metrics definition for the entire system, keeping a single “source from truth”. At the same time, any changes that need to be made to a metric or KPI definition can be made once and will automatically be applied to all metrics associated with that definition.

Metrics Layer can understand the underlying business context of metrics and their semantic meaning, for example, whether an increase in a metric is business-friendly or not.

This drives the Tableau Pulse Insight platform to better answer the “what” and “why” questions posed by business users when they ask for an explanation of a specific metric.

How to get Tableau Pulse?

Tableau Pulse is now available in beta to all Tableau Cloud customers. You can get free access to the Beta version of Tableau Pulse via the online form. Or request activation from your account manager.

Tableau AI

Tableau AI is a full portfolio of next-generation AI analytics features integrated into all Tableau products. It leverages advanced generative AI (GAI) capabilities to enable machines to understand patterns, learn from data, and create something entirely new. In other words, generative AI processes input from users and generates meaningful content on its own.

According to Salesforce, Tableau AI provides users with intelligent, personalized and contextual insights right in the course of its work. Tableau AI speeds up the time it takes to gain insights and reduces repetitive data analytics tasks with intelligent suggestions.

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