Our external data team
resolves your business issue in record time

Does your business have a data problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible?

Six reasons to choose Strikeforce

Business results come first

Of course, your ROI goals are what matters most. That’s why all Strikeforce teams include an experienced business leader and project manager. 

Their invaluable experience from previous projects is placed at your full disposal. As well as advice, support and a data-driven approach.

Experts deliver solutions in record time

Strikeforce is a service that delivers results and positive changes (almost) while you wait. This is only possible because our people have knowledge and experience that is not commonly available on the market. Try us out!

Cost-effectiveness to the maximum

If you have a clearly defined problem, in the vast majority of cases Strikeforce is much cheaper than classic project solutions.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you start a Strikeforce project with an analytical strategy or as a pilot project, we will refund you the full price if you are not 100% satisfied with the solution.

We have skin in the game

Your project is our project, your success is our success, and our own reputation is at stake. That’s why Strikeforce teams consist exclusively of experienced professionals who deliver the best possible solutions – that are always functional.

Practical and measurable solution

We want our solution to be usable in practice and not require a hundred-page manual. At the same time, we are well aware of the importance of visible, measurable results, so don’t expect mere tables and dashboards, but a clear and quantified solution to your problem.


Why don’t you offer teams of more than nine people? 

From our experience. We don’t think you would really use more than nine experts. Of course, it is not a problem to scale the team over time as needed. In our experience, the start of a project is complicated by the mediation of access to your internal systems and to third parties (suppliers, etc.). In our opinion, you shouldn’t have to needlessly pay for the time of data professionals who have nothing to work on.

Can you get started in less than thirty days?

Sometimes yes, depending on the circumstances. When we have the full support of your key employees and are able to arrange administration, access rights and the like, we can start delivering results in less than thirty days.

What are the typical issues that you deal with?

We set up all projects to resolve exactly what the client needs. Examples of Revolt BI case studies can be found here.