Warehouse optimization
using data analysis

Lack of space in the warehouse, growing costs of warehouse space and warehouse operations, too many financial resources locked up in stocked products. These all are problems you can solve with data analytics.

The potential of data analytics is recognized by 65% of warehouse operators who want to implement predictive analytics for warehouse management by 2025.

We have a solution for you. Warehouse Cash Miner is a tool that analyzes data about the movement of items and can calculate the optimal amount of stock. This way you will never miss them, but neither will they take up valuable space. In addition, it can optimize the placement of items in the warehouse, making its operation more efficient.

This will free up capital from your inventory, give you free warehouse space and reduce the cost of warehouse operations. We have proven in practice that it can reduce the volume of stock by 10 - 20%.

Optimalizace skladu
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