Data Science and Advanced Analytics

The use of artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning and neural networks, for data classification, prediction, optimization, and automation.

Where conventional data practices end, we begin. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art techniques using machine learning (ML) and neural networks, we can eliminate data errors, fill in blind spots, predict future developments, and identify critical areas to help you succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.
Modern business and data analysis are less & less a static target - we help you keep up with the shifting landscape in real time.


3 areas of data science

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Classification analysis

When we need to find separate segments to target in a large data set.

  • Credit risk analysis
  • Fuzzy identification, categories, marketing campaigns and resources
  • Fuzzy inventory matching to detect duplicates
  • Classification of goods according to seasonality
  • Classifying text and creating a model from photographs, e.g. of cars
  • Object classification using image recognition
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Statistical prediction

It uses past measurements to extrapolate future behaviour.

  • Forecasts of future demand and sales
  • Predicting staff required per shift
  • Inventory turnover forecast
  • Customer churn predictions
  • Risk prediction
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Optimization tasks

When you need to prioritize the ones with the greatest benefits from a range of options.

  • Optimising marketing spend
  • Optimization of branch replenishment.
  • Retail inventory optimization
  • Work shifts load balancing
  • Elastic price modelling

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Want to take advantage of Data Science and need help?

If your needs can't be solved by conventional data analysis, our data scientists are available to use more sophisticated Data Science techniques. Let us know what we can help you with and what problems you need to be solved.

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