Data integration

Integrate data from different systems, in different formats and structures, for instant access to information and a single source of truth.

We use modern data stack technologies for our work. If you are interested more about the topic see the Modern Data Stack Explained article from our friends at Portable.

Data Integration is an essential prerequisite for quality decision making, without which no Business Intelligence could provide credible insight into the functioning of the company.

Effective business management today requires using all the data a company has about its customers, orders, products, warehouses, marketing costs... and supplementing this with third party information.

Modern data stacks consist of a range of tools and technologies that help organizations collect, store, process, and analyze large amounts of data. These tools help companies gain better insights into their business, make data-driven decisions, and better understand customer needs.

Among the most commonly used tools in modern data stacks are cloud database systems (such as Snowflake), ETL tools ( Keboola), database schema management tools (such as dbt Labs), and BI tools (Tableau). These tools are closely related and help companies create a comprehensive system for collecting, processing, and visualizing data.


We help companies at all stages of the data integration process

Need help with data integration?

Almost every company has its own data sources and specific needs, so we solve data integration tailored to each of our customers. Let us know your needs and get our expert insight.

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