Development of customized analytical applications

Tailored analytics applications help customers incorporate analytics into their daily routine.

Over the years, many of our experienced customers have established and optimized processes for their employees' activities at various levels, where it's inefficient if not painful to switch them to new systems or teach different controls than used to. That's why we build them customized analytical apps - combining maximum comfort & productivity with the most up-to-date niche models and best practices.

These applications are pieced together with different technologies that fit the customer's needs, so they can combine, to take an example, internal user rights management with corporate graphics to be integrated into corporate applications and workflows.


Example - Skoda Auto

Skoda auto

Revolt BI has participated in Škoda Auto's analytics hackathon twice in the last two years and won convincingly against strong competition both times.

One of the tasks was to identify duplicate items in stock, where we used artificial intelligence for our winning solution and helped the automaker identify duplicate stock worth many hundreds of millions of crowns.

To turn this analysis into real savings, Škoda Auto asked us to create an app that will offer these duplicate items directly when any employee requests material from the warehouse.

The app is fully integrated into the interface that users normally use, and as a result, everyone started using it immediately without any retraining. The payback on our solution was thus almost immediate.

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Need help with developing analytics applications?

Every company has its own individual environment and analytical applications are doubly important in that they also need an individual approach. Let us know your needs and get our expert insight.

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