Data Science and advanced analytics

Leverage the growing strength of artificial intelligence to your advantage.

3 services in Data Science

Classification analyses

Find the independent data segments that you want to focus on within a large group.

  • Fuzzy identification of categories, marketing campaigns and resources
  • Fuzzy pairing of inventory to discover duplicates
  • Classification of goods according to season
  • Classification of text and creation of a photographic model of e.g. automobiles
  • Classification of objects using image identification

Statistical prediction

Use of previous metrics for the extrapolation of future behaviour.

  • Prediction of future demand and sales
  • Prediction of personnel required for shiftwork
  • Prediction of inventory turnover
  • Prediction of customer churn
  • Prediction of risks

Optimisation tasks

When you have a range of options and you have to prioritise those with the biggest advantages.

  • Optimisation of marketing expenses
  • Optimisation of supply to store branches
  • Optimisation of retail inventory
  • Balancing workload across shifts
  • Elastic price modelling

Where conventional data processes end, we begin. Through artificial intelligence (AI), state-of-the-art processes using machine learning (ML) and neuron networks we eliminate data errors, plug gaps, predict future development, identify critical areas and help you to succeed.

Want to leverage the wide range of options offered by Data Science and need help with it?

If your needs can’t be addressed through a conventional data analysis, we can offer our team of data scientists, who utilise more sophisticated Data Science processes.