Stay ahead of the curve. Keep an eye on the financial health of your business.

With our reports, you can respond immediately to changing demand.

Clearer reports = More efficient management.

Thanks to the warehouse stock report, the customer had access to clear data on how to reduce lost profit by 2,000,000 CZK per month when the best-selling products are correctly stored.

The new management of the company in which we implemented reporting was able to quickly identify issues with high potential benefits. Setting up the initiative led to a 15% increase in revenue and cost savings of over €1 million during the first months of implementation.

Are you the head of retail? In our experience, your most urgent issues are:

How are the company’s finances?
How does the company meet its goals?
What’s the state of total sales and margins?
How are the individual stores performing?
Are the monthly budget and KPIs at individual branches being fulfilled?
How to prevent stocks from being sold out while at the same time responding in time to trends in traffic and demand for goods?
What products at your stores are really profitable for you? Which products should you discount?
How much stock should you acquire, or how much is the minimum stock needed in a store?

More success for your retail business.

With our reports, you will always have answers to these questions.

You will be able to make informed, data-driven decisions in real time.


Stock Availability Report

  • Description: Keep an eye on all goods in stock and at branches in a single report. For individual items, you can immediately see recommendations on where to procure other goods from, either from the central warehouse, or if it’s more worth it to distribute the goods from another store.
  • Who it’s for: Intended for buyers or anyone who needs to keep an eye on their stock.

Keep an eye on the company’s financial health and performance

  • Description: The dashboard provides you with clear information about the company’s performance and how the company is meeting its objectives in several areas, for example, total sales, margins, performance, sales channels and type of stores, as well as the performance of regional managers.
  • Who it’s for: The top management of all retail and production companies that want to keep an eye on their KPIs and financial performance.

 Store Performance Report

  • Description: The main advantage of this report is that you can see at a glance how the monthly budget and KPIs are being fulfilled at individual branches.
  • Who it’s for: The report is intended for store managers, retail managers, CFOs, COOs and CEOs who are responsible for branch KPIs.

Retail Store Traffic and Conversion Dashboard

  • Description: In this interactive report, you have the performance of your stores easily at your fingertips. Monitor the development of foot traffic and conversion ratio over time. Identify stores with a low conversion ratio and analyze the performance of stores based on their type.
  • Who it’s for: Retail manager, marketing manager

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