Marketing Topline

Do you want to have a single location where you can look and immediately know which channels are performing and where you’re incurring losses? Then the Marketing Topline report is for you! 


  • Reduce marketing costs by identifying parasitic channels
  • Savings in the order of 20-40 hours of data work per month with the basic version
  • A clear, transparent and up-to-date report that enables you to make a fast, data-based decision


Every marketing manager who wants to make informed decisions needs a single location where they can see what’s going on. Marketing Topline is your go-to place for data from marketing, analytical and customer platforms – set up in a way that’s just right for you. Reporting provides an overview of marketing fluctuations that need to be addressed, while at the same time allowing you to compare long-term trends. And the data used has been adjusted to exclude refunds, cancellations, and missed orders.

Who it’s for

The report is intended for stakeholders who want to have a unified view of marketing. From our experience, these are marketing team leaders and C-level. The client is most often a CMO, CEO, or marketing decision-maker.


Reduced human labour. Employees spend up to tens of hours a month rewriting these data into Excel spreadsheets, and the data is never as up-to-date as in an automated report.

Reduction of marketing costs by identifying parasitic channels and channels that actually bring profit and attract clients.

On the Topline dashboard, you will find an overview of basic metrics: Sessions, Conversion Rate, Number of Conversions, CPA and Total Cost. These metrics can be tracked at the platform, channel, or campaign level. The Month-over-Month and Year-over-Year views are also important and help you to compare values with historical benchmarks.