Revolt BI
vs. your in-house project

Can yout afford to be
one of the 87 %* of data projects
that end in fiasco?

Revolt BI will get you into the successful 13 %.
In 5 years on the market we’ve had 0 failures.

*Source: VentureBeat, 2019

Thinking of doing your next data project in-house?

Maybe it’s a good idea. But maybe it’s also the right time to say “STOP”.

Stock Plzeň

A data model from 2018 showed that it wouldn’t be efficient for STOCK Plzeň-Božkov to set up a complete data team. So, at the client’s request we supplied our own team, which provided adequate capacity and expertise. Apart from time, we also saved the client significant expenditure on human resources.


Our predictive model for the optimisation of logistical operations reduced the effort in warehouse operations by 10%, reduced the time required for the preparation of goods, and improved the planning of operational warehouse resources. This allowed Sportisimo to save hundreds of thousands of crowns a year.

Škoda Auto

We resolved the problem of duplicate supplies in warehouses during a 48-hour hackathon. “Over the weekend” our solution saved the client over 60,000,000 CZK (we discovered over 6,000 duplicate items) and improved the efficiency of the procurement process for new warehouse supplies. Since then, we have been engaged in very close cooperation with Škoda Auto.

We’ve counted it up for you

The project is entrusted to an in-house team

  • Putting a team of experts together takes months – with no guarantee that you’ve chosen the right people
  • You need specialists in project management and technological tools
  • Poorly analysed solutions cost you time (and money)
  • Depending on the changing situation, your team, with its stable number of members, is either overloaded or underused
  • You are experts in only one sector (your own)

The project is entrusted to Revolt BI

  • We start work on the project only 2-4 weeks after brief
  • We save you dozens to hundreds of hours on recruitment, assignment and management
  • We guarantee your money back for the pilot project, where you see results within only 30 days
  • We supply our own ideal mix of experts with a fixed price per MD (Do you need 2.25 data engineer, 0.5 AI specialist and 0.5 visualiser per MD? That’s fine – you won´t pay a single hour more)
  • You benefit from our experience from dozens of data projects in many sectors


700 000 CZK /mounth*

350 000 CZK /mounth

Source: Payroll survey 2022, Grafton Recruitment * Does not include bonuses, annual leave, onboarding, office space, administrative costs

At Revolt BI a typical project for a medium-sized company lasts 6 months and requires 4 team members, who work for a total 1 full-time equivalent.

The average price of this type of project is :

350 000 CZK/month.

A comparable in-house project will cost you 500,000-750,000 CZK on people alone (price affected by hiring, error rate, time, annual leave, bonuses etc.)

Experts that Revolt BI puts at your disposal:

  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Senior Data Engineer 
  • Junior Data Engineer
  • Data Visualist
  • DWH Specialist
  • Deep Learning/Machine Learning Expert
  • Senior Consultant with years of experience on projects
  • Data Scientist 
  • Full Stack developer 
  • With Revolt BI you save on the hiring of experts
  • You don’t pay health and social insurance or annual leave for our staff
  • We optimise your costs of the tech stack
  • We design a long-term solution with higher returns


Proof of Concept (PoC) – ideal for new clients

This is the best way of trying out data work without risks. Pilot projects always have a fixed duration and price. Within only 30 days you have concrete, usable results for your business decision-making.

You get all of this without having to make any commitments, while we guarantee your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the results (within 30 days of delivery).


Dealing with a critical issue that can’t be put off? Or do you, as a change manager, not have full control over a company due to data issues?

With Strikeforce, you are on the shortest path to results – we will start working on your project within a few days of assignment. Simple. 

Do you want a consultation on your data issues?

Whether it’s Tableau training, Snowflake, or optimizing inventory for an e-shop, we can advise you.