Business Dashboards

Do you know what’s going on right now in your company? Do you want to have correct, timely data to hand at all times for important decisions?

With our business dashboards, you can have this.

Business dashboards give a clear visualisation of important data, allow you to monitor the company’s performance in real time and make decision-making easier. They help you to improve efficiency, identify problems and opportunities and to centralise information for better cooperation between teams. 

In all cases we design architecture and processes primarily according to the needs of end users so that they add value to your business.

5 reasons to choose a business dashboard

Overview and centralisation of data
Real-time monitoring
KPI measurement
Informed decisions
Identification of problems and opportunities

The dashboard that saves you millions every year!

150 store managers spent a minimum of one hour on the processing of reports every week. This meant that the estimated instant return was as much as 1 million CZK per year on employee time savings. And that doesn’t include the benefits a report has on the informing, overview of expectations and motivation of managers.

The dashboard that increased income by 15% within a month of implementation!

Revolt BI implemented this dashboard for a large retail player in the Czech and Slovak market with annual revenue of 1.3 billion CZK and 200 stores. The dashboard displays the performance of the whole company and allows CxOs to make decisions based on daily data.

The new management of the company in which we implemented the report was able to quickly identify problems with high potential benefits and this setting of initiative led to a 15% increase in revenue and cost savings of over 23 million crowns during the first few months of implementation.

When migrating a current system, we can arrange: 

  • consolidation of resources, transformations and data marts 
  • consolidation of reports and views of them
  • simplification of the data model and clarification of documentation 
  • improved data quality and more secure data governance

Comprehensive delivery with no worries for you

We will supply an experienced team that will create a dashboard for you from scratch. Our team will design the architecture, individual components and processes customised to your needs, as well as a project plan that we will continuously validate. In addition to implementation, development of key components and continuous support for reporting, we also offer data training and the resolution of complex tasks using data science.

Take a look and see how we do business dashboards in retail, e-commerce, and also health care.