Customer Life-time Value

This report is used to monitor overall values for customers during their purchasing life. This allows you to identify channels / campaigns that are important for the acquisition of higher-value clients and which campaigns are lower-value.


  • Identification of channels that acquire more profitable long-term clients, as well as clients that only place one-off orders
  • More accurate estimate of revenue generated by the client base in subsequent months through a cohort analysis 
  • Average values for the targeting of marketing optimization

Who it’s for

The report is intended for teams and individuals who are responsible for the customer base and for improving the overall value of that base.

In our experience, this dashboard is used by country managers and marketing managers. The dashboard also has a key strategic overlap and is therefore frequently also used by managers with wider responsibilities or an overlap to other departments.

On the customer lifetime value dashboard, you can see a visualization of the lifetime value of a customer. The basic KPIs are number of customers, average order size and average overall value of the customer. It is therefore possible to “slice up” the overall data by channel so that employees working on the customer base can see which channels create the most valuable customers. On the lower part of the dashboard, we see the cohort analysis, which shows the development of monthly revenue from customers acquired in the month in question. This view helps you understand the development of the customer base over time.