Customer Centred Reporting

If you want to understand your customer base, it’s essential to keep track of how many customers have been re-activated and how many become inactive over time.


Without this view it’s difficult to strategically plan the scope of acquisition marketing. This dashboard unlocks the necessary views and helps you to understand development trends in your customer base. The view is, of course, segmentable according to channels you can define.


  • Comparison of costs
  • Monitoring of costs associated with new and returning customers
  • Strategic planning based on trends in your customer base’s activity, leading to cost reductions

Who will benefit the most

The report is intended for teams responsible for expanding the customer base. In our experience, the report is most often used by CMOs, marketing managers and country managers. It is most often ordered by CMOs and marketing decision-makers.

On the first dashboard you can see trends in new and returning customers and how their activity changes over time. You can also keep track of the distribution of costs among new and returning clients. These views are required mainly in order to understand the customer base from the perspective of its activity and number of orders, together with a superficial view of costs.

The second dashboard in the set focuses on customer churn, i.e., the churn prediction and retention of customers. In the lower part we see the difference between acquired and lost clients. We can also see the cohort analysis, which highlights losses of clients in the months following acquisition.