STOCK Plzeň-Božkov

Long-term support and development of data culture

STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, the leading Czech spirits company, was one of the first to start integrating data-driven decision-making into its business model. In 2018, it approached us with a request to help it unify sell-out data in order to streamline reporting in Tableau. We successfully completed this use case (mapping third-party data to internal sales data), enabling STOCK to effectively track the end-to-end performance of its marketing channels.

Our solution

STOCK Plzeň-Božkov processes sales data from hundreds of stores and various sales channels, from online stores to large chains. STOCK received this data in various formats. Revolt BI was able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently because we unify data sources as part of every data project.

Client review

Thanks to Revolt BI, we’re capable of making swift and accurate business decisions. Revolt BI is a reliable partner; I appreciate their professionalism, clear communication, and willingness to proactively address any issues that arise — and all in record time. Revolt BI has been our data partner since 2018.

-Tomáš Vrabec, Sales Analyses Manager STOCK Plzeň-Božkov

Long-term cooperation

However, the handover of the automated data model was only the start of our cooperation. The client was so satisfied with our fair, agile approach that the partnership between STOCK Plzeň-Božkov and Revolt BI developed into a continuous support relationship. This cooperation included the resolution and systematic prevention of ad hoc problems, e.g., changing the format of input data, adjusting the granularity of outputs, and analysing and eliminating inconsistencies in historical input data. In the five years since we started working with STOCK, these have included: 

  • Unification of data for reporting: Revolt BI originally unified dispersed datasets from different vendors, with the client using Tableau to increase reporting efficiency.
  • Ongoing pipeline maintenance: We provided on-going data pipeline maintenance, adapted to changes and ensured a consistent data flow.
  • Proactive problem resolution: The team demonstrated a flexible and proactive approach in resolving immediate problems and implementing systematic solutions. This included the implementation of data quality tests, emphasising our adaptability to evolving data structures.
  • Regular development work: In addition to support, Revolt BI regularly works on development tasks such as the expansion of smoke tests, regular pipeline maintenance and meeting the client’s long-term goals, which ensures the robustness and efficiency of the system.


The partnership had a profound impact on STOCK Pilsen-Božkov, significantly improving its decision-making processes and operational efficiency. Sales Analyses Manager Tomáš Vrabec is very satisfied with Revolt BI as his data partner.

The reporting we created for STOCK Plzeň-Božkov looks similar to this one

Stock is one of our favourite long-term clients and I think this is reflected in our cooperation. Thanks to a proactive approach and a great analytical view of the data, we understand each other very well, allowing us to move in the right direction towards achieving our mutual goals.

Zbyšek Samiec for Revolt BI

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