Attribution model(s)


Attribution model(s) help you to understand the benefits of individual campaigns and the impact of campaigns on clients’ purchasing behaviour. With attribution model(s) it is easier to assign conversions to individual channels / campaigns to help marketers make more accurate decisions than is possible with e.g. Google Analytics DDA or Last Click attribution.


  • Attribution helps you to optimise costs in real time rather than using rigid theories
  • Success of marketing in relation to all activities on the customer journey, not influenced by the Google Analytics perspective.
  • Easier identification of campaigns that result in product returns
  • Easier identification of campaigns / channels whose costs only parasitise on the customer journey

Who it’s for

The data output that is applied to other dashboards is for teams and individuals working in performance marketing or for those who are responsible for KPIs such as PNO or margins. In our experience, these are most commonly PPC managers, marketing managers and CMOs.