Analytical strategy

Your ticket to a data-driven company

An analytical strategy is the preparation of a plan for becoming a data-driven company.

Storage of non-saleable merchendise, expiration of the best-before date of stored goods, marketing campaigns with no added value or ballooning HR costs: all of these problems cost companies millions of crowns every year. And all of them have a common solution: the use of data in management.

“For years we haven’t been able to make any progress in two key parameters: getting data that is correct and on time. The analytical strategy that Revolt prepared for us gave us a realisation framework, that is, a roadmap for the implementation of BI, which allowed us to “sell” BI to our colleagues. At the same time, I appreciate the care given to the preparation of individual use cases and the data model.

What I value most about our work with Revolt is the expertise and experience that it has brought to the company, as well as the emphasis on further training within the company.”

Vojtěch Telupil, Head of  IT/IS, BTL Medical Technologies

An analytical strategy is the ideal choice for you if you:

Want to apply analytics in your company, and there’s no-one in your company who can help.
Know that you have data in various systems and across departments, but don’t know how to connect it.
Want to make data-based decisions but you don’t have the data – and there’s no-one in your company who can help.
Don’t have any tools that would let you work with data.

Using our tried-and-tested methodology, we go through your company’s current needs, corporate culture and vision, map relevant aspects of the IT architecture and, last but not least, the company’s human capital. 

Based on this, we prepare for you a document containing a proposal for introducing BI into your company so that it becomes a major driver for future development. 

Flexible and according to your needs. If you’re not satisfied with our solution, we give you your money back.

We offer two variants of analytical strategy:

Analytical strategy – standard:

This variant is suitable for companies that see data as a strategically significant area and are looking for a vision for the most effective way to invest their money.

At 4 all-day workshops you learn about:
  • Identification of specific problems that BI can help with, general outline of solution, and prioritisation to ensure the greatest benefit for your company
  • Training of key people in what BI is, how it can benefit your company and how to avoid the most common issues encountered when introducing it
  • Mapping of IT aspects important to BI and the technological solution
  • Mapping of available knowledge within the company and proposal of organisational changes in order to achieve a long-term sustainable and high-performing BI team
  • Implementation plan that combines:
    • identification of key use-cases, implementation of technology, building a team, training of employees and development of a data culture throughout the company
  • Cost estimate – how much it’ll all cost 

Analytical strategy – mini: 

Ideal for situations where you want to quickly and effectively map use cases that bring your company a fast return.

At 2 all-day workshops you learn about:
  • Identification of specific problems that BI can help with, general outline of solution, and prioritisation to ensure the greatest benefit for your company
  • Standardised proposal of technologies required for implementation
  • Estimate of time required and total price of implementation

Want an analytical strategy? This is what yours could look like.

General roadmap for implementation

Based on the workshops we propose an implementation plan, which combines the following:

  • development of key use cases
  • implementation of technology
  • building a team
  • hiring and training of staff
  • development of a data culture throughout the company.

This plan provides you with a roadmap that you can use during the implementation process for both planning and communication within the company.

Roles and responsibilities

We map the situation in your company regarding knowledge and skills in data analysis. We then determine which roles and employees will be directly connected to the company’s new data configuration, including the time required for successful implementation. 

We also tell you which new positions need to be created and provide our own experts to help you with the change – and we do it all in the short-, medium or long-term.

Prioritisation of your use cases

We create a clear plan that categorises identified problems that BI can help with according to the benefit to your company and the effort required for realisation. 

This gives you a clear overview of what you can expect on the road to a data-driven company.

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