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    Flexible working hours

    Some people are early risers, some are more like night owls. The main thing is that the work is done and the client is satisfied.

    Training, certificates

    We like to educate ourselves and progress, both in hard skills and in soft skills. We always give the green light to our own initiative.

    Participation in conferences

    Every year we participate in several conferences, both at home and abroad.

    Multisport card

    A healthy mind in a healthy body. That’s why with us, everyone can benefit from the Multisport card.

    Dog friendly office

    No one is better off than our office dogs. Theodorek, Anubis and Bonifác are looking forward to making new friends.

    The finest specialty coffee

    Our coffee is sourced exclusively from speciality roasters and we serve both filtered and classic espresso, cappuccino,  flat white or V60!

    Business breakfast and lunch

    Every Friday we meet together for a company breakfast and once a month we have lunch from different parts of the world.

    Endless supply of snacks

    At our company, fruits, yoghurts, healthy biscuits and savoury snacks are a given.

    4 reasons to work at Revolt BI


    Working at Revolt is about delivering results without messing about. 

    We build modern data warehouses, support corporate transformations, and we’re fans of rapid professional development. At Revolt, it’s not about mechanically filling out an Excel spreadsheet without a goal. Every team member has the opportunity to influence the final outcome of the project and their voice is not only heard, but also valued.


    With us, you can look forward to continuous learning and technological progress. 

    Driven by advances in technology and increasing data availability, BI is constantly and rapidly evolving. Working in a BI agency means keeping up with the speed of these changes and knowing about the latest tools, methodologies and trends. We work with cutting-edge tools for data analysis and visualisation, such as Tableau, Power BI and dbt.


    Teamwork is an integral part of what we do.  

    You’ll work with data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts to ensure seamless data integration and analysis. Communication with clients also awaits, and it is the team environment that gives you the opportunity to learn from experts from a variety of fields and develop the strong interpersonal and communication skills that are essential for career growth (and beyond).


    In every part of Revolt BI – from back office to analytics to development – our mission is to support and guide women on their professional journeys. 

    Through one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, and mentoring programs, we aim to help women overcome barriers, foster their unique strengths, and create an atmosphere that is conducive to success and satisfaction.

    Giuliano Giannetti
    Founder and CEO of Revolt BI

    Working at Revolt

    Working at Revolt is about results. You can sit in a corporation and do the same table over and over again or, with us, you can build a data warehouse for a whole company using the latest technologies or support a client’s top management in a corporate transformation. Sometimes it’s demanding, but it is quite common for junior employees who have joined us to end up as data team leaders, either with us at our clients or in start-ups, after two years.

    Life in Revolt