Would you like to work with the latest technologies for progressive companies on meaningful projects, alongside highly experienced colleagues in a pleasant environment, either in Prague or remotely?

What we do

We are a consulting and data analytics agency helping companies find tangible value in data and effectively transform digitally. We are partners with Keboola, Snowflake, Tableau and Apify.

Together we also organize meetings of data fans under the name Data Punkers.

We enjoy computing predictive and classification models and are now building an analytical application that has a pan-European impact. We humbly admit that we are really good. But others say that about us too, for example we won the Skoda Auto Innovation Hackathon twice in a row in the last two years.

At the moment there are about 40 of us and the vast majority of us are in Data Science and Data Engineering positions. The team includes senior people with experience from companies like McKinsey, O2, Keboola and others.

The interest in our services is constantly growing, so we are constantly looking for skilled people to help us manage the orders that come our way.

You can find us in Karlín.

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