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About Revolt BI

Revolt BI is a consulting and data analytics agency. We grew up mainly on retail clients, for whom we did reporting using Tableau, Power BI and GoodData, built datamarts especially in Keboola, and solved marketing automation or various processes in sales and logistics.

Our vision is to help companies find concrete value in data so that they can transform into modern companies where management has the relevant perspective and background for every decision in a timely manner, so that your teams can focus on the most critical tasks with the most accurate understanding.

What do we do

We grew mainly on retail clients for which we did reporting in Tableau, Power BI and GoodData, we built datamarts especially in Keboole and solved the automation of marketing or various processes in stock.

We enjoy calculating predictive and classification models, and now we are creating an analytical application that has a pan-European impact. We privately admit that we are really good. But others say that about us, after all, in the last two years, for example, we have won the innovative Hackathon Škoda Auto twice in a row.

At the moment, there are approx. 40 and the vast majority in the positions of Data Science and Data Engineering. The team includes senior people with experience from companies such as McKinsey, O2, Keboola and others.

The interest in our services is still growing, so we are constantly looking for skilled people who will help us manage the orders that are pouring in on us. Do not be afraid to write directly to us for positions that are not listed as current on our website.

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