About us

The company Revolt BI was founded in 2017. Since then, it has approximately 100 satisfied clients and a team of more than 50 experts in data, analytics, and business consulting.

Revolt BI is a consulting and implementation agency specializing in data analysis and its utilization for enhancing the functioning of companies and organizations. It provides services and analytical solutions that show key individuals what needs to be done for the company to operate better, reduce costs and increase profits.

Our vision is to assist companies in finding concrete value within data, enabling them to transform into modern enterprises. Our mission is to deliver a positive impact through data utilization, whether it’s a small reporting project or the flagship of our services in analytic transformation.

Revolt BI over the years 

Foundation of the company
“When Revolt BI was founded, I hoped that we would get projects where we would have the opportunity to learn some new things…” says Revolt BI founder Giuliano Giannetti.
First client
The first client is like the first love. You fumble around sometimes, you learn on the go, but you remember her forever. Košík.cz was that type of client for us.
Partnership with Tableau and Snowflake
Partnerships with leading technology partners are essential to us. Forging the partnership with Tableau and Snowflake in 2018 was a big milestone for us.
Winning the ŠKODA AUTO hackathon
We won the Škoda Auto Hackathon two years in a row. Over a single weekend, we managed to find a solution that would save the company 60 billion CZK.
Partnership with Google
We want to work with state-of-the-art technology, so Google Cloud is essential for our partner portfolio. We became partners in 2022.
Moving to the Dock
As our numbers grew to almost 50 data enthusiasts and our offices became a bit cramped, we moved to a new address with an outstanding view.

Our values

We have skin in the game.

Our word is our bond and we’ll do things as agreed. We will not let you down. 

We don’t just talk about certainty, but we’re not afraid to put it on paper, either. Every first project is guaranteed to comply with the budget and deadline according to predetermined specifications. 

When one client’s data stopped loading on Friday evening, we fixed it over the weekend so that traffic could continue uninterrupted on Monday.

We aren’t afraid to admit that we don’t know something or can’t resolve it. We will be happy to recommend an alternative that will meet the needs of the project.

You can rely on Revolt BI! What I appreciate most about their work is their professionalism, clear communication and willingness to proactively solve all problems in record time, whatever their nature.”

Tomáš Vrabec
Sales Analyses Manager Cluster CZ&SK, STOCK Plzeň-Božkov s.r.o.

“The way Revolt BI approaches assignments is unique in the current technological environment. Their goal is not only to find a solution for the problem, but to solve it and deliver the result. There is often a big difference, and a lot of work and experience, between knowing how and actually doing something. This was also reflected in the case of the optimization of warehouses at Škoda Auto, when they came up with an elegant solution and put it into practice without unnecessary delay or complications.”

Miloš Zejval
Project Coordinator, Škoda Auto

We make it easy.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel; we create solutions that makes sense and that we know will work. 

We don’t want to overwhelm you with long words and endless presentations. We believe that our work speaks for itself and we want our solution to be usable in practice. 

We are straightforward – when one client wanted to force us into a solution that was doomed to failure from the beginning, we politely refused. 

We will provide you with a complete solution. Our data teams are made up of experts that we have trained and tested, and now you can utilise our experts with no internal costs.

Together we are stronger.

Our success is your success.

When one client was in trouble, we got up from our computers and spent nights in its warehouse so that we got the job done in time for the window between the dispatch of orders. 

We’re not a corporation that’s only interested in profit. We are the family that has your back.

“They manage projects precisely, are able to flexibly respond to ad hoc requests and have knowledgeable experts with the necessary practical experience – all while maintaining a friendly and helpful approach.”

Radan Papoušek

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