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When you look for consultant firm that will take innovative, modern approaches, look no futher than Revolt BI.

Bill Inmon, Father Of Data Warehouse


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This is how respected companies from various industries evaluate their collaboration with Revolt BI. Will you find yours among them?

They manage projects precisely, are able to flexibly respond to ad hoc requests and have knowledgeable experts with the necessary practical experience – all while maintaining a friendly and helpful approach.

Radan Papoušek
Head of BI Euromedia Group
More intensive work with data and data analysis has given us a detailed view of the profitability of individual products, which is a key aspect for e-commerce. This allows us to optimize the product mix, manage pricing and streamline marketing activities. The fact that we are now listening more closely to the data allows us to respond better and faster to market demands. As a result, the move to a data-driven business allows us to be more flexible and strategic in our decision-making and operations.

Andy Werner
Head of BI MALL Group
For years we haven’t been able to make any progress in two key parameters: getting data that is correct and on time. The analytical strategy that Revolt prepared for us gave us a realisation framework, that is, a roadmap for the implementation of BI, which allowed us to “sell” BI to our colleagues. At the same time, I appreciate the care given to the preparation of individual use cases and the data model.

What I value most about our work with Revolt is the expertise and experience that it has brought to the company, as well as the emphasis on further training within the company.

Vojtěch Telupil
Head of IT/IS, BTL Group
Revolt is our long-standing and reliable Tableau partner. For example, they helped us with a challenging migration of Tableau server to Azure, associated with an upgrade and change of authentication. Their approach is always professional and fair.

Ondřej Lorenc
Head of BI, Koší
In the future, demand forecasting will also help us to better predict the flow of goods in stores, ensuring that we always have a relevant offer and, most importantly, satisfied customers who can always find what they need with us. I believe that the transformation to a data-driven company significantly strengthens our competitiveness.

Aliaksei Siparau
Logistics and BI Director, Sportisimo
Revolt provided us with the migration of reporting to Tableau and the building of new reports.
The collaboration was perfect because there are pros at Revolt and we were able to learn a lot from them. And they also have clear results. They were able to cut the credit intensity of our reporting in half, which brought more freedom in its development. They eliminated the error-prone nature of the reports, which restored confidence in the data, and helped with the expansion of self-service in data visualization.

Lenka Šimlová
Data Analyst, Mafra
The way Revolt BI approaches assignments is unique in the current technological environment. Their goal is not only to find a solution for the problem, but to solve it and deliver the result. There is often a big difference, and a lot of work and experience, between knowing how and actually doing something. This was also reflected in the case of the optimization of warehouses at Škoda Auto, when they came up with an elegant solution and put it into practice without unnecessary delay or complications.

Miloš Zejval
Project Coordinator, Škoda Auto

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Provide us with your data, and we’ll give you the competitive edge. Stay ahead of both competitors and customers.

Let’s get started right away. Our team of data experts, analysts, and engineers is here to serve you.

„For half a decade, we’ve empowered retail businesses to achieve profitability. Revolt was founded with a vision to tackle intricate challenges alongside exceptional individuals in a positive team environment.

And why do we rely on data? Because, as the famous saying goes, ‘Facts don’t care about feelings!”

– Giuliano Giannetti, Founder and CEO of Revolt BI

We’ll Identify Your Challenge and Offer Conceptual and Technical Solutions.

Are funds slipping through your fingers? Or perhaps, leaving customers? We’ll set things right.

You might have sensed it for a while now—the feeling that your company is capable of much more. That you’re losing money, yet unable to pinpoint where and why. Provide us with your data, trust, and a few days; our experts will uncover it for you. Perhaps through a smaller, pilot project.

You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the technology and the right people.

Looking to migrate to a new stack? Need help integrating corporate data? Or perhaps modernizing your data warehouse? Tell us what you need and how you need it. Our team will design and implement the technical solution that brings your vision to life. You might be surprised at how seamless it can be with a top-notch tech partner by your side.

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Discover how we can help your company with a comprehensive overview of your financial status, instant responses to changing demands, inventory status reports, store or e-commerce performance, campaign channel audits… or even marketing data integration with CRM.

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I know what I want: A provider of technical solutions. 

We’re ready to be your technology partner.

With our business dashboards, you’ll always have up-to-date and reliable data, visually presented for clarity. Similarly, our end-to-end data management ensures a comprehensive and tailored solution without any hassle. Or perhaps you require an external data team to solve your problem within a fraction of the usual time? Take your pick.

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Solving analytical tasks and application of AI, which include marketing spend reporting or personalized product recommendations on e-shop websites.
dbt is an open-source command-line tool that helps analysts and engineers work more efficiently


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